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EYP MCF, and i3 Solutions Group Announce Collaboration to Tackle Data Center Sustainability

- Leading global consulting engineers combine resources to drive thought leadership for data center GHG abatement.

- Offer a practical roadmap towards a Carbon Net-Zero data center by 2030.

- Highlight near-term opportunities for clean embedded primary and backup power generation and grid demand support.

January 27th, 2021, New York, London & Singapore: Leading consulting engineering firms EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Inc. (EYPMCF) and i3 Solutions Group have announced a collaboration to offer a response to the climate crisis through Green House Gas (GHG) reduction initiatives for the data center sector, including a practical roadmap of progressive GHG abatement for existing data centers and net-zero GHG data centers by 2030.

“As a major consumer of electricity and therefore a contributor to global emissions, the data center sector faces the prospect of regulation to reduce its impact on the planet,” said Rick Einhorn, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner at EYPMCF. “I’m pleased to announce this initiative by EYPMCF and i3 Solutions Group which brings together a respected team of data center MEP design engineers and operational consultants to offer thought leadership in data center emissions and carbon reduction, efficiency and sustainability.”

Ed Ansett, Founder and Chairman of i3 Solutions Group said, “While the future of data center sustainability undoubtedly has a 100% renewable face, we are a long way from that end point. However, there are opportunities for large data center operators in hyperscale, wholesale, colocation and other sectors to engage in GHG abatement. This requires a paradigm shift, but the good news is, we can evolve from a GHG intensive, inefficient infrastructure to a reduced or even net-zero GHG asset with new revenue generating opportunities. For that to happen requires the inspiration of specialist data center design and strategy.”

Those designing, building and operating data centers need to assimilate the technical considerations across a range of on-site power generation and energy storage solutions that practically address GHG abatement, evolving regulatory requirements and end-user performance requirements, at the same time taking full advantage of renewable energy sources and sustainable technologies.

Accordingly, the collaboration between EYPMCF and i3 is developing objective material covering the following subjects:

• A practical roadmap toward GHG abatement and carbon net-zero data centers by 2030

• Low GHG energy trading opportunities for large scale data centers

• Demand side frequency and sag response, primary operation, and operating reserve opportunities for data center embedded generation and storage systems

• GHG reduction with blended hydrogen and natural gas generation for data centers

• Reliability implications of primary and standby embedded generation and energy storage systems for data centers

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