EYP Mission Critical Facilities creates next generation designs for both data centers and existing critical facilities, based on specific business objectives.

Common to all our work is our ability to customize every project to meet specific technologies and data center objectives with a maintenance-friendly, scalable and energy efficient design. EYP MCF has designed over 70 million square feet of critically powered space around the world, including numerous Tier 3/4 and LEED Certified data centers. Additionally, utilizing specialized tools, software programs, a database of industry-specific applications along with the lessons learned from our commissioning practice, contribute to the expertise and innovation of our design team.

EYP MCF’s history and focus on ONLY serving the Mission Critical Industry proves our leadership and insight to the assistance our clients will need in either, retrofits, efficient designs, forensic evaluations and other client critical needs.

EYP MCF can provide all engineering services from the conceptual data center facility design, through all the phases that lead to stamped/sealed construction documents, suitable for bid or a CM-generated GMP.  At the conclusion of design the EYP MCF team will continue into construction administration phase keeping our designers and engineers engaged for oversight of design intent, and value engineering options. This end to end approach ultimately assures our clients that the mission critical project is built in accordance with design.

Working side-by-side with IT, real estate, operations, and finance specialists, EYP MCF professionals analyze a customer’s key business metrics, and then develop innovative engineering design solutions.


- Services


Engineering Infrastructure Design (MEP & Fire Protection): Comprehensive services encompass electrical, mechanical, fire protection, fuel, control, and security systems for standalone data center buildings


MEP Retrofit and Refresh: New server rooms within existing buildings, and upgrade/expansion of existing facilities.


Peer Review: Extensive quality review of MEP designs.


Facility Programming, Design and Cost Modeling: Translates IT, space, power, and cooling requirements into a conceptual-level basis of design and develops a construction cost estimate and cost/benefit strategies for infrastructure investments.


Space Planning: Analyzes and creates a complete technology space plan for critical infrastructure.


Optimal Site Selection: Based on EYP MCF innovation and industry-standard selection criteria that is custom-tailored to customer requirements.


Asset Due Diligence: Leasebacks, Acquisitions.


Energy Efficiency Design: Reduces energy costs and carbon footprint. We are industry leaders in designing energy efficient, low PUE, and LEED Certified facilities.


DCIM Design: Comprehensive services encompass Data Center Infrastructure Managemenet Systems.


Outside Plant (OSP): Design a resilient telecommunications infrastructure to support next-generation communications networks.


Structured Cable Systems (SCS): Technology infrastructure for cable distribution methods and cable management to meet the latest communications transport protocols.


Telecommunications Systems: Voice systems, corporate wireless LAN, and enhanced in-building cellular networks.


Power Over Ethernet (POE): Enable electrical currents to be transmitted over standard Ethernet network cables





Design Process & Procedures:



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