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EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Part of Ramboll

A complete portfolio of consulting and engineering services to lead you through the strategy, design, integration, and operational efficiency of your data center facilities.

Defining and implementing a holistic data center strategy that meets our client’s business needs and mission is our goal. Being able to advise those clients on the right hybrid IT or adaptive stack plan takes proven methodologies and hands on experience.  This expertise simply cannot be learned “on the job”, as the wrong decisions can ultimately affect customer adoption, revenue generation, market share, P&L performance, or mission breakdown. Thus, we have assembled a team of industry professional strategists, engineers, IT consultants and facility operations experts that have on average 25 years of expertise in their space. These experts work collaboratively to understand the client’s ultimate objectives and develop strategies, roadmaps, designs and integration plans to achieve them.

We are aware the data center industry faces constant change and disruption, yet is inherently conservative when implementing new solutions. So given our deep history both developing new and innovative planning tools, design concepts and operations methodologies, and understanding what others have developed through working in thousands of data centers across the globe, we believe we are strongly positioned to create flexible environments that can easily adapt to those changes and disruptions -- while eliminating risks and creating efficiencies.

From our founding in 1996, EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Part of Ramboll has been a pioneer in data center strategy, planning, design and testing. We’ve never become complacent with our position in the industry, choosing instead to double down on our mission during challenging global economic times and internet and financial “bubbles.” When competitors chose to become generalists, we never lost focus on the data center, creating the first truly global critical facilities consulting practice.  From cloud service providers, to colocation, to enterprises, our leadership in critical facilities has shaped the way public, private, and institutional entities store, secure, and move their digital assets.

Throughout our history, we’ve led the industry in “firsts.”  From certifications to design topologies, testing techniques, and space, power and cooling tools, we set the standard for successfully melding the real world needs of the IT industry with their physical and environmental realities.  Most recently, this has taken the form of modular and micro data centers focused on growth of the cloud, digital edge, and IoT environments.

We often hear from customers and partners that we “wrote the book” in this industry, and in our newest chapter, we continue to think years ahead in terms of technology trends, developing the solutions that enable our clients to deliver services to their customers and constituents in a complex, dynamic world. In fact, the experience EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll has garnered by being part of a global IT leader these last 10 years, and truly understanding computing infrastructure, high performance environments and converged and software defined infrastructure, gives us an unmatched understanding of how IT innovations and trends effect the data centers we plan, design and assure for our clients.

Our Accomplishments & Credentials
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