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- Strategy

Service overview

The world of building controls today is much different than that of the past. Operational and Informational technologies are converging in the industrial Controls arena. IT is now being heavily leveraged to support operational systems. Although this has brought with it the benefits of high speed networking to the OT world it has also brought with it similar liabilities.


This IT/OT convergence brings with it new challenges that require a shift in the design perspective and priorities. Reliability concerns must also be accompanied by security and other IT networking concerns.


EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Part of Ramboll is well positioned to meet the challenges that are arising as this convergence marches ahead. An integrated approach to Industrial Controls must be included from the beginning in the design process. It is no longer enough to provide a basic mechanical or electrical design and abrogate controls design fundamentals to the installing vendor.


Industrial Controls Systems + Building A

Key Steps

A key differentiator for EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll is that we keep on our team not only electrical and mechanical engineers who are experienced in designing for critical system but dedicated ICS engineers. EYP treats controls design as a separate and distinct discipline and has the capability, experience and inhouse expertise to bridge the IT and OT worlds and to create stable, reliable and secure industrial control systems from the ground up.

Our Experience

EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll has experience working with customers that are on the leading edge with regards to IT and OT integration, network security, architecture, core service, access control, redundancy and other IT/OT integration issues.


This experience has allowed EYP to develop a common vocabulary that can reach across the table that still divides the IT and OT worlds. This common vocabulary fosters IT/OT dialogue, during the design process and allows basic IT/OT issues to be resolved on paper rather in the field at the 11th hour or later.

In order to maintain uptime, reliability and security must go hand in hand. Our long history with creating comprehensive designs for mission critical facilities and knowledge base and experience regarding IT/OT considerations gives us unique capability to provide our own advanced design and to assess existing designs and installations across all systems including mechanical, electrical and ICS.


- Other Services


  • Commissioning

  • Critical Facilities Infrastructure Systems Threat Assessment (CFISTA™)

  • Probability Risk Assessment

  • Policies, Practices, and Procedures (MOP/SOP)

  • Continual Staff Training

  • On-Call Services

  • Operational Facilities Consulting

  • Maintenance Management Programs 

  • Building Management Systems Review of Program and Sequences 

  • Annual Infrastructure Evaluation (Identify Level of Degradation & Assign Action Timeframe)

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • Infrared Inspections



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