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Sample Case Studies
Co2 Data Center.jpg

EYP MCF’s Master Plan for this Tier III data center developer is premised on the capture of CO2 from the fuel cells to use for beverage production.

The site will utilize a 32 MW fuel facility with gas-fired generators as the primary power source, using the utility as backup capacity.


The facility will use a chilled water central plant with centrifugal chillers to provide an absorption mechanical system.  



EYPMCF is developing the conceptual design, building budget, and cost of power analysis for a new data center expected to have 25MW capacity Day 1, with the ability to scale to 200MW over time.

Set in a data center business park, to be located on 300-acres of privately-owned land designated as a Federal Opportunity Zone, the project also calls for a 500+MW Utility-Scale Solar Facility on up to 12,000-acres of the client's Ranch located in southeast Wyoming. 

Project Atlas.jpg

EYP MCF provided master planning and detailed design for a site capable of housing two 350,000 SF, 78MW data centers with a critical design load for the site of 104MW.

The project intends to use GE gas turbines as the primary power source and will include a unique and proprietary Linde/BASF carbon capture technology to eliminate all emissions from turbines. The facility is planned to utilize totally modular IT space, with mechanical and electrical Infrastructure using PVD Modular solutions.


EYP MCF is providing a data center feasibility study, master planning, and detailed design to convert an existing manufacturing site into a Bitcoin mining campus.

The project design specifications include 34 modular data center units and will utilize liquid immersion cooling to run the heat intensive data mining technologies.


EYP MCF was selected to provide commissioning service for this 38-acre Data Center campus residing in the heart of the nation’s densest connectivity corridor. EYP MCF will perform the commissioning of multiple quadrants with a total of 5MW of IT Load in 3 different phases.

EYP MCF’s scope included the development and maintenance of issues log (Commissioning Deficiency list) tracking observations in the field related to construction. The goal of this log is to monitor and prioritize identified items.

EYP provided Level 2 through Level 5 commissioning, the services offered included complying with the customer standards as well as reviewing of the MEP documents, Detailed review report of submittals, shop drawings, controls of sequence of operations and equipment monitoring and alarm, and the performance of infrared testing of electrical equipment per NETA-ATS requirements. 


Cx Data Center.jpg

EYP MCF role was to act as commissioning authority (CxA) for the phased buildout for this Colocation provider.

The project was programmed to be designed as a four-story, 16-MW (IT load) facility of approximately 160,450 SF. EYP MCF provided data center commissioning services for the project throughout the design, construction, start-up, and the initial period of operation.

The primary role of the EYP MCF Commissioning Authority (CxA) was to act as the owner’s advocate to ensure that all parties adhere to the design intent and the contract documents. To achieve this objective, the CxA role was to assist with defining and documenting the Owner’s criteria for system function, performance, and maintainability in addition to developing and coordinating the execution of a testing plan and observing and documenting the performance of installed systems.

Test Tubes

This Global Pharmaceutical company was looking for a company that can support with their facility assessments of their data centers and local server rooms associated with manufacturing and research sites. These assessments included:

  • Review of all major MEP systems, identification of single points of failure, and remediation recommendations.

  • IT Deployment assessment:  Development of IT inventory, layout,  and rack elevations for existing inventory as well as planned deployments of new systems and layout, IT deployment and structured cabling. 

  • Develop a Data Center sourcing strategy to define In-house/Colo/Cloud environments.

  • Support on identifying and selecting Colocation candidates in multiple countries around the globe. 

Healthcare Data Center.jpg


One of the country’s largest healthcare consortiums was in the process of merging. This merge included multiple regional hospitals. The hospital IT and Real Estate organizations were seeking a strategy to combine and consolidate data centers between all hospitals. The goal was to modernize, increase resiliency, reduce cost, exploit new architectures, and reduce the reliance upon leased space.


They needed someone to help these two large organizations come to develop options and costs for this complex planning effort. The options included a Data Center Sourcing Strategy to discuss the options to host their applications in different Multi-Cloud environments (In-house, Co-Location providers and Private Cloud Providers)

Data Center Due Diligence 
Multiple Locations Across the United States
8 Data Centers

EYP MCF was selected to provide due diligence site evaluation service of more than 8 data centers in the U.S. territory relative to their ongoing use and possible expansions.

The scope included on reviewing the existing building infrastructures as well as the data center operations including maintenance documentation (SOP, EOP, MOP’s), man-power of the facility, capital operating expenditures and budges for the last 5 years.

The study provided information on redundancy, drawbacks and limitations, SPOF, description on commissioning reports, geo studies, BMS Systems, Security, branch circuit monitoring, and software solutions.

EYP MCF also provided Analysis and commentary on refurbishment, maintenance and upgrade capital required, review expansion plans and budgets.


Data Center Due Diligence 
North America and Europe
16 Data Centers


EYP MCF was selected to provide Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing/Fire Protection (MEP/FP) services culminating in a due diligence review of each site.

The purpose of the review was to give a professional opinion on the condition of the existing facility infrastructure relative to its ongoing use and possible expansion as a data center facility.


EYP MCF followed a plan that started with the review of all the available documentation of each site, conducted a site visit of 13 of the 16 Data Centers, and the remaining 3 developed a desktop review.

The evaluation included the review of the building infrastructure relative to the data center operations and maintenance documentation.