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 Offering solutions to advance our client's sustainability goals to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

Service Overview

Working side-by-side with facilities, operations, IT, real estate, and finance specialists, EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll professionals analyze a customer’s key business metrics and sustainability goals to develop innovative and sustainable engineering strategies, designs, and operational solutions.


EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll provides these services from the master planning, through the concept, detailed design and prototyping of both new building(s); to a more water and energy-efficient solution for existing facility(ies).  Our team continues through all the subsequent design phases leading to stamped/sealed construction documents and permitting suitable for bid, or a CM-generated GMP.  At the conclusion of design, EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll continues into the construction administration phase for oversight of design intent, and potential value engineering opportunities. Our independent commissioning team assures all systems are complete and functioning properly upon the owner’s acceptance.  They will review and verify documentation, like test reports and as-built drawings, reflect the completed systems as they perform.  They further formalize and orchestrate the familiarization and training of operating personnel with this new building infrastructure. This end-to-end approach ultimately assures our clients their mission-critical project is built in accordance with the design intent.

In existing buildings, we begin by providing a site survey of the existing facility to uncover the opportunities and challenges inherent to offering an energy and/or water-efficient approach.  From there, we focus our service on not only the most sustainable option, but also the most more operationally straightforward and effective approach. 


Our highly qualified and credentialed team is actively involved with organizations and committees currently developing standards for LEED, Fitwel, Living Building Challenge, and ASHRAE 189.1 Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings. We have successfully completed projects incorporating client-specific sustainability requirements including UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements while utilizing a range of tools that analyze building performance to develop practical solutions that uncover the hidden value in your assets. These include:


  • Building Energy Modeling to reduce your energy profile and operating costs

  • BLCC to evaluate first cost over life cycle cost

  • THERM and WUFI analysis to improve thermal comfort

  • Daylighting studies to ensure health and well-being

  • RELi principles to build resilient infrastructures

  • Embodied carbon analysis to manage the climatic impact

  • Plan for Net Zero using every tool we’ve got. If we don’t have the right on, we’ll develop it!


Whether it’s new construction or renovation, sustainability is a mindset that must be planned and designed into a project right from the start. Our approach is to bake these ideas it into the process from day one. We apply sustainability tools and thinking from the start, as an integral part of our consulting and design service, not as an overlay or additional service offering, but as core to our practice. This approach enables us to have conversations about how to orient the building to maximize daylight and minimize heating and cooling; what are the most cost-effective and energy-efficient materials to promote wellness; or how to add value by doing more with less and making choices with multiple, inherent impacts. We bring our knowledge, coupled with the right data to think creatively and push boundaries with real-time, immediate parametric feedback.


How can we help?

EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll ’s experience includes 20+ LEED Certified projects (including the world’s very first LEED-certified data center, and multiple LEED Platinum Certified Data Centers) in different regions, including North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Our consultants are accredited to the highest LEED standards and have participated in creating new standards and metrics for organizations like the US Green Building Council, Energy Star, ASHRAE, and the Green Grid Group.  These professionals were also integral to the development of the new metric: Infrastructure Usage Effectiveness (IUE) proposed last year by the Chinese efficiency body: The Green Gauge China

This year, EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll announced a collaboration with our global partner i3 Solutions Group to offer a response to the climate crisis through Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction initiatives, including a practical roadmap of progressive GHG abatement for existing data centers and critical facilities, and eventually net-zero GHG data centers and critical facilities by 2030.

EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll is also advancing projects designed for alternative sources of power, microgrids, and new cooling technologies (Including evaporated cooling and immersion cooling). Rounding out EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll ’s commitment to sustainability, our operations consulting team offers a comprehensive list of services that help reduce power consumption, water usage and curb operational and energy costs in the data center/critical facility.

Case Studies

Co2 Data Center.jpg
High Efficiency Off The Grid Datacenter
Beacon Falls, CT
160,000 SF (Raised Floor)
28 MW of IT Load

EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll’s Master Plan for this Tier III data center developer is premised on the capture of CO2 from the fuel cells to use for beverage production.

The site will utilize a 32 MW fuel facility with gas-fired generators as the primary power source, using the utility as backup capacity.


The facility will use a chilled water central plant with centrifugal chillers to provide an absorption mechanical system.  


300 Acre Data Center Campus with a 500+MW Utility-Scale Solar Facility 
Laramie, WY
300-acre Data Center Campus
25-200 MW

EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll developed the conceptual design, building budget, and cost of power analysis for a new data center expected to have 25MW capacity Day 1, with the ability to scale to 200MW over time.

Set in a data center business park, to be located on 300-acres of privately-owned land designated as a Federal Opportunity Zone, the project also calls for a 500+MW Utility-Scale Solar Facility on up to 12,000-acres of the client's Ranch located in southeast Wyoming. 

Project Atlas.jpg
Gas Turbines Low Emission Data Center
Martinsburg, WV
Greenfield Data Center
2 x 350,000 SF (Raised Floor)

EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll provided master planning and detailed design for a site capable of housing two 350,000 SF, 78MW data centers with a critical design load for the site of 104MW.

The project intends to use GE gas turbines as the primary power source and will include a unique and proprietary Linde/BASF carbon capture technology to eliminate all emissions from turbines. The facility is planned to utilize totally modular IT space, with mechanical and electrical Infrastructure using PVD Modular solutions.



EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll is providing a data center feasibility study, master planning, and detailed design to convert an existing manufacturing site into a Bitcoin mining campus.

The project design specifications include 34 modular data center units and will utilize liquid immersion cooling to run the heat intensive data mining technologies.

Eco-Focused Renewable Design
Reno, NV
Tier III+ Greenfield
4-5 Data Centers, 200,000 SF each site

EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll is providing Master Plan services for this Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in designing a master plan for a 4-5 data center development.


Each data center will be designed and constructed in a modular fashion to facilitate growth and expansion and limit Day 1 CapEx. The facilities will be designed to Tier IV electrical and Tier III mechanical redundancy. 


The initial power station will cover 25MW, expandable to 200MW, and will have an eco-focused renewable design, including geo-thermal power plants and solar farms. 


Colocation WUE Metering, Equipment Usage Schedule Review, and Water Quality Report
15 Data Centers


EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll will provide this confidential colocation provider a review and input on water metering locations for HVAC equipment for 15 data center sites in the United States and Canada.

The study will review overall HVAC water-consuming equipment at each site and provide input for water metering for water usage efficiency (WUE).


The study and analysis include the review of existing water distribution drawings; equipment shop drawings; input for best water metering locations; meters available for BMS interconnection; and the existing water usage monitoring scheme.  Based on this analysis, EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll will make recommendations on appropriate water usage measurement metrics to be used at each site.


Engineering Infrastructure Sustainable Design (MEP & Fire Protection): Comprehensive sustainable services in mechanical, electrical and plumbing design, as well as fire protection and fuel, control, and security systems for data centers and critical facilities.


Sustainable MEP Retrofit and Refresh: Design services for new server rooms within existing data centers, and upgrades/expansions of existing facilities.


Trusted Advisor: Subject matter expertise and engineering support for the design, construction, and operation of your data center and critical facilities

Energy Efficiency Analysis: Identifies mechanical, electrical and infrastructure sources of inefficiencies. Provides operational and maintenance practices to optimize energy efficiency. determines the carbon emissions from your facility's operations and outlines a roadmap of energy conservation measures that improve efficiency with an ROI analysis.

Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) Engineering Support: Support Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to identify and implement energy savings initiatives and facility improvements that require no up-front capital costs to facility owners. This contracting model is particularly prevalent in government contracting.

Water Metering Monitoring: Review of existing water distribution drawings, equipment shop drawings, input for best water metering locations, meters available for BMS interconnection, and existing water usage monitoring schemes. Make recommendations on appropriate water usage measurement metrics to be used at a facility site.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment System Study:  Review and advise on cooling tower condenser water system installation, existing water treatment reports, and water quality reports.

Space Planning: Analysis to create a complete technology space plan for critical infrastructure.


Optimal Site Selection: Based on EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll innovation and industry-standard selection criteria that are custom-tailored to customer sustainability goals.



White Papers & Blogs

      By: Yigit Bulut, PE, ATD Partner, Lead Electrical Engineer, Chief Technology Officer at EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll.

      By: Gardson Githu, PE, Senior Mechanical Engineer and Consultant at EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll.

       By: Angelica K. Hermanto, PE, LC, LEED AP, Senior electrical engineer at EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll.


       Special Guest: Matthew J. Karashik is an Electrical Engineer at EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll. 

       Special Guest: Yigit Bulut, PE, ATD Partner, Lead Electrical Engineer, Chief Technology Officer at EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll


Image by Massimiliano Morosinotto


Case Studies
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