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Assure operational continuity and redundant support systems on organizations and agencies whose missions require high-performance facilities.   

Case Studies


What's driving change


The public sector is undergoing changes with their buildings driven by technology, and energy efficiency, and sustainability, targeting old and new buildings.


Implementing the right strategy, with the right design, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance programs will be essential to address these challenges while at the same time providing the flexibility to adapt to new technologies and future improvements.


Some of the challenges include:


  • Monitoring Smart Buildings: Reducing the carbon footprint, implementing new standards, monitoring, and upgrading existing MEP equipment to improve the workplace environment of the government employee while saving taxpayer money.


  • Assessing the existing critical facilities: Evaluate the building's day to day operations and identify single points of failures (SPOF).


  • Bridging the commissioning gap: Addressing and testing the performance of the MEP equipment and improving its maintenance, operations, and emergency programs. 

  • Align with the Cloud Smart Strategy: Help agencies drive the right cloud adoption that includes the right safe and secure cloud migration while achieving savings and delivering faster services.

  • Addressing Cyber Risks to the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) or Building Automation Systems (BAS): Identify critical points of vulnerabilities and provide risk mitigation recommendations.  

  • Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI):  Helping agencies identify efficiency improvements while evaluating consolidation and closure of existing data centers. 



How can we help?


On February 1st, 2018, EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll spent a decade as a subsidiary of a global Fortune 100 information technology company.   During that time, we expanded our practice into front-end strategy, planning, and programming, as well as operational consulting and small-scale, modular implementation.  Additionally, our expertise as leaders in complex MEP engineering led us to advise government agencies on critical facility energy policy to reduce costs, and lower energy consumption, water usage, and greenhouse gas emissions. 


when the three “R’s and S’s” are the name of the game for your agency, EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll provides the reliability, redundancy, resiliency, sustainability, security, and survivability of our country’s most critical missions require.  We are the global market leader in the strategic planning, assessment, design, and commissioning of these types of mission-critical assets that protect data, communication, and power systems from failure.  Our expertise in federal design and program/project management covers the wide spectrum of government agencies, including the following:






Key Differentiators


  • We provide a sustainable, strategically flexible, and collaborative engineering and design solutions infused with the latest technology.


  • Extensive worldwide data center project experience, we leverage our proven high-density cooling, critical power, and energy-reduction design strategies for each new business case.


  • Our commissioning team includes members with diverse expertise, led by PEs, and backed by design experts.


  • Our proposed resources are engineering professionals who have significant experience in completing complex projects, including data center designs with over 100 megawatts (MW) of power capacity and over 700,000 square feet of raised floor. 


  • Our Energy Management Services (EMS) Solutions deliver enterprise sustainability strategy and execution spanning IT, building, supply chain, and the workforce. EMS helps optimize energy use and costs, reduce emissions, and quickly access global enterprise energy information on an ongoing basis.


  • Consistently providing upgrade work for critical facilities buildings that require recurrent upgrades on the MEP equipment or expanding capacities with every new technology refresh. 


  • EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll will help you identify requirements and plan your long-term data center strategy which integrates owned and colocation data centers together with cloud-based options.


  • End to End Lifecycle services, providing you with professional program expertise and support throughout the process of planning, designing, constructing, or retrofitting mission-critical and data center facilities. Clients can tap into a wealth of data center expertise and rely on a partnership that brings our global experience to your doorstep.


  • Experience managing multiple Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), GSA Schedule, task order contract, On-Call services. 



Case Studies



Confidential environmental research organization
Suitland, MD
60,000 SF

EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll designed the infrastructure for this confidential environmental research organization's Satellite, Data, and Information Service Facility. 


This sophisticated environmental satellite control and operations center is designed to operate 24/7. Partially immersed into its site to minimize mass, maximize green space and provide energy efficiency, the building houses 140,000 SF of adaptable open office space and a 60,000-square-foot satellite control and operation center, all with a comprehensive energy management control (EMC) system.


The new facility included a generator plant to provide standby power to all mission-critical spaces and systems. 


Its design allowed maintenance to be performed without shutting any part of the system down. In case of loss of power, the facility contains an emergency power distribution system.


Confidential biomedical and public health research
5,400 SF


A portion of an existing office building (Approx. 5,400 SF) was repurposed into a new data center facility or Consolidated Computational Research Facility (CCRF). Work included extensive coordination with mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, landscaping, vibration, and technology consultants. Mechanical systems work includes construction of a new bidirectional fault-tolerant chilled water distribution system teamed with in-row type chilled-water cooling units situated on the raised data floor. New heat exchangers, redundant chilled water pumps, chilled water storage tanks and controls, along with a local low ambient emergency air cooled chiller will be installed to support the data center cooling needs. Systems to include new interior and exterior distribution gear, automatic transfer switches, uninterruptible power supplies, transformers, power transformers, and remote power supplies. Special systems include fire alarm systems, access control, video surveillance, and paging.



EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll commissioned the new data center facility, wrote complete operational procedures for all components and systems, and worked with the client to vet those procedures.


Confidential federal management agency
Denver, CO
30,000 SF

The agency's Denver location developed this Data Center to provide a modern facility to support another federal agency's computing needs at a second redundant data center site. Existing buildings were repurposed mainframe structures with highly inefficient power systems and no ability to support growth.  


The resulting 30,000 SF facility employed the Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD) concept and was phased for future expansion. Resting on a nine-acre site, this three-story mission-critical facility contained redundant features for failure and maintenance, with three 2.5MW generators, three 3,000 kVA unit sub transformers, a 115kV/35kV substation expansion, and a 35kV duct bank to the data center site.


The project was completed on a fast-tracked 18-month schedule, necessary for “shovel ready” ARRA-funded projects.


Confidential healthcare federal agency
Coatesville, PA
2 Data Centers

EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll was selected to provide design services to upgrade this client’s data centers with more than 30 years old.

The new systems incorporated an N+1 redundancy of all system components, for all areas served, and considering anticipated future loads.  All systems were set up for ease of maintenance. 

The scope included the reconfiguration of the data center space, the replacement of the raised floor area, and new mechanical and electrical equipment. 

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