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Assess your critical facilities and maximize its efficiency from an operations perspective.

Our Assurance team provides feasibility studies and technical documentation to building owners and managers in any geographic location. Additionally, this team has developed custom control systems for complex critical electrical and mechanical systems. Armed with this knowledge, EYP MCF, Part of Ramboll can produce test procedures that fully exercise the equipment and verify proper operation.


We provide consulting for the creation or improvement of maintenance and operations of your new and existing data center or building. Our forensic assessments clearly define data center facility infrastructure and operational problems, leading to real solutions related to power and cooling capacity, operational reliability, or energy usage.


Our assessments include basic capacity surveys, infrastructure condition and capacity analysis, and an ITSM-based capability assessment specific to data centers.

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​Commissioning and Testing: Commissioning verifies that the high reliability and energy efficiency objectives of our customer’s engineering infrastructure design are achieved in practice. Integrated testing methods are applied at the individual system level and to gauge the interaction among multiple system components. Services include LEED certification, BREEAM certification, peer review and retro-commissioning for new and existing facilities.

Operational and Reliability Risk Assessment: Implement sound strategies for minimizing operational failures through services that include reliability analysis; operational risk analysis; basic capacity assessment; infrastructure condition and capacity analysis; policies, practices, and procedures development; and staff training.

Facility Operations Strategy: Achieve high levels of reliability over the lifespan of your facility through proactive development of effective maintenance, management, and testing programs. Services encompass maintenance management, building management, and reliability assurance testing.

Failure and Forensic Analysis: Reliable data on the condition and performance of critical infrastructure systems helps you optimize preventive or remedial maintenance. Solutions include failure analysis, power quality analysis, infrared inspections, EMF studies, performance analysis, and system efficiency testing.

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- Services:


  • Commissioning

  • Retro-Commissioning

  • Probability Risk Assessment

  • Policies, Practices and Procedures (MOP/SOP)

  • Continual Staff Training

  • On-Call Services

  • Operational Facilities Consulting

  • Maintenance Management Programs 

  • Building Management Systems Review of Program and Sequences 

  • Annual Infrastructure Evaluation (Identify Level of Degradation & Assign Action Timeframe)

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • Infrared Inspections

  • Data Center Due Diligence

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