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  • We are very pleased to issue our November Newsletter!

    Happy Thanksgiving all! Hard to believe we are less than two months away from 2022. Seems as if the majority of the challenges of Covid -19 have moved behind us, but obviously there will be lingering effects on our economy through the supply chain and resource/labor issues for years to come. Thankfully, our firm has made it through this period even stronger than ever, and while we’d like to think it was due to many smart decisions we made over the past 18 months, there is no doubt that a key part of our ability to sustain and grow has been due to being in an industry that has helped to resolve or lessen many of the challenges that the pandemic brought on. And we are 100% convinced that many of the changes – especially around the way we work and consume (enabled in a large part by the mission-critical facility) will be here to stay. That certainly bodes well for the future of this company and our industry. In the meantime, in addition to continuing to deliver for our great clients and adding new ones, in our “spare” time we are working hard to innovate and move the industry forward through our research and thought leadership efforts, in particular around the release of white papers focused on Sustainability with our terrific partners at i3 Solutions Group. You will see below links to our latest papers and video interviews on this critical subject. And as usual, you will see project descriptions for some of the recent projects we are delivering for government, enterprise, hyper-scale, colocation, and increasingly Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain clients. Lastly, the 2021 Commissioning Giants, and the 2021 Top Engineering firms, were announced this past month and our firm, EYPMCF is proud that our firm has increased our position year over year in both categories (info below). This could not have been done without the amazing support of our clients, partners, and of course our talented staff! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to connecting again! Please enjoy the newsletter, and let us know how we can help in any way. Rick and Brian. Click below to view our new sustainability webpage and to download the latest white papers: Sustainability Webpage Reaching for Net-Zero: Achieving Zero Carbon Data Centers by Decentralizing Consensus of Power Supply Amongst Utility and Microgrid Providers The Case for Natural Gas Generators West 7 Center: Using a Data Center Water Side Economizer on an existing facility to reduce water and energy usage ​Infrastructure Sustainability Options and Revenue Opportunities for Data Centers

  • How electricity price volatility and the race to grid sustainability is accelerating demand response

    Kerr Johnstone CEng, MIET Director at i3 Solutions Group A global energy price rise that risks making critical industries unviable is probably most people’s definition of a crisis. Those running energy-intensive operations such as data centers are only too aware that they don’t dictate energy prices. But it is worth asking if this hopefully short-term crisis, combined with long-term sustainability challenges, might be the catalyst for the industry to begin to take demand response (DR) opportunities more seriously. To date, much of the data center sector has declared itself unready to consider demand response– otherwise called demand-side response (DSR). There has often been a refusal to engage because prevailing attitudes are that it is too much trouble. Perhaps attitudes may change now that individuals and associations representing a wide range of energy-intensive industries such as glass and steelmaking are on TV news programs warning governments that high energy costs could bankrupt them. It is clear that even without energy price volatility there exists a strong case for using data center onsite generation and battery storage to create a symbiotic relationship between data centers and utilities. One where both groups benefit by reducing their carbon footprints and gain mutual operational and financial rewards. Turn and face the change… Almost everything in global utility energy supply is changing. The fuel mix, load curtailment, frequency response, BESS, VRE, all are being adopted amid rapid phasing out of dependence on fossil fuels. But the challenge is that as the energy market transitions by transforming its infrastructure, the electricity grid must maintain a nominal voltage and frequency within specific limits. The challenge for utilities is that supply and demand are always balanced irrespective of variations in load conditions, generation status, and distribution system faults. To achieve balance, utilities are becoming dependent on third-party embedded generation and energy storage companies as consumer demand and grid capacity fluctuate. An equilibrium is essential to ensure consumer voltage and frequency stays within mandatory operating parameters. Hence demand response – DR - means opportunities for sites with embedded generation and storage capacity. What even is DR or DSR? As stated in the latest whitepaper from the EYP MCF & i3 Solutions Group Abatement Group, DR is: “The adjustment in demand relative to grid generating capacity., designed to address supply and demand imbalance, high wholesale electricity prices and assist with grid reliability.” The paper provides detailed definitions of emerging DR services categories including Load Curtailment; Load Shifting; Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) and Load Reduction; Frequency Response; Energy Arbitrage; and Time-Variant Pricing. Why should data centers bother with DR? For data centers, DR is a complex undertaking. Suitability will be dictated by parameters that range from geography to grid maturity and existing energy mixes. For example, much of the embedded power generation capacity in data centers is diesel generator-based. From an emissions perspective, the willingness of grid operators to use this generating capacity will vary as different territories have different definitions of relative fuel cleanliness. This is in turn based upon their access to and historic and current reliance on different fossil fuels. Wind, Solar and tidal are cleanest, gas is cleaner than coal, etc. In GHG abatement terms for island operating of generators, the impact on GHG depends on the prevailing grid emission factor (GEF) at the time. If for example, we assume a 50MW facility in China has natural gas generators as its emergency power source. The gas generator emission factor is approximately 486 g CO2e/kWh, compared to the national average combined margin grid emission factor of 852 g CO2e/kWh. For the purposes of this example, we will assume 852 g CO2e/kWh is the prevailing GEF when the generators are operating. With the standby generators running in island mode for 10 hours, this results in 18,300kg CO2e saving. There is also marginal emissions reduction to consider. Marginal emissions occur when the utility brings a different type of generating plant on the grid such as wind or photovoltaics. What happens when demand outstrips capacity even by 1MW and the only current alternative is to start up a coal-fired power station? In the industry, we all know that there exists much over-provisioned power capacity, storage, and distribution infrastructure within the world’s existing data centers. There is more to come as new data center capacity comes online. Crisis, what crisis? Demand response is an evolving market that will attract new participants. Data centers represent a significant and increasing load on the grid. Given the sustainability imperatives and the obvious desire to improve margins, especially margins that are negatively impacted by rising energy costs, it seems logical that the data center industry will increasingly participate in DR programs. The reality is that when grid operators wake up to the data center industry’s existing power capacity that could be integrated for feeding power into the system, it could change everything. But that can only happen if the data center industry itself is also open to the opportunity. For a deeper dive into the points raised, download a copy of Demand Response Opportunities for Data Center Embedded Generation and Energy Storage Systems. This is the fourth Whitepaper from EYP MCF & i3 Solutions Group GHG Abatement Group addressing changing power provision and use in the 21st Century in the time of climate crisis.

  • A roadmap towards Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

    We are very pleased to issue our July Newsletter! Can’t believe we are already into the second half of 2021! Time is flying as we emerge from the global pandemic. The previous 14 months or so have been an incredibly challenging time for all of us, our clients and partners, and all of our families, and we all look forward to better days in the future. If there was still any question that our industry is critical to the function of everyday life, and economic growth and progress in this country, let alone the world, that has been put to rest. The importance of the mission-critical facility/datacenter to consumers, students, commercial businesses, governments, and organizations/institutions became clearer than ever as we all had to make adjustments to the way we work, learn, interact, share information and entertain. Without this building type that we all focus on, managing our everyday lives would have been completely different and perhaps had even further devastating effects on the world around us. And while this was no doubt a quickly growing industry even before Covid-19, we believe its growth will be even stronger because of it. We personally want to thank our fantastic team here at EYP MCF for the amazing work they have done to help keep our client's growth plans intact and maintain their operations against the many logistics, scheduling, health, and travel challenges faced. We also want to thank our clients for the continued faith they have shown in our firm during this time and the many opportunities you have given us to partner. With this immense growth, our clients are even more focused on sustainability, energy efficiency, and GHG effect on data centers. As some of you have seen, EYP MCF has partnered with i3 Solutions to develop a series of white papers around exactly this topic and have released the first 2 papers already (the 3rd is coming soon!). As a consultant devoted to this building type, we believe it is part of our mandate to research and innovate around this critical area. Additionally, we are working with some of our clients to study and implement changes based on this initiative. You will see links to the program below and can download the papers there or on our new sustainability webpage, where you will find additional information with some interesting project case studies, articles, podcasts, and webinars that we have recently been involved in. Lastly, we continue to see lots of consolidation in the industry, as well as properties changing hands and newer players investing in the space. Please let us know if we can help with any due diligence work as our cross-country reach and global partners allow us to quickly review and assess facilities in the US and abroad for our customers who are involved in transactions. Have a great summer and look forward to connecting again later in the year! Please enjoy the newsletter, and let us know how we can help in any way. Rick and Brian. Click below to view our new sustainability webpage and to download the latest white papers: Sustainability Webpage Reaching for Net-Zero: Achieving Zero Carbon Data Centers by Decentralizing Consensus of Power Supply Amongst Utility and Microgrid Providers The Case for Natural Gas Generators West 7 Center: Using a Data Center Water Side Economizer on an existing facility to reduce water and energy usage ​Infrastructure Sustainability Options and Revenue Opportunities for Data Centers

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  • EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Inc. | Home | United States

    November Newsletter Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Top Engineering Firms, Blogs & White Papers, Panel Discussions, Sample Recent Projects Cick Here Our Focus Critical facilities solutions aligned to the digital revolution. Secure. Reliable. Flexible. Efficient. Read More Strategy Design Commissioning Sustainability DUE DILIGENCE Assurance Accomplishments & Credentials Sample Case Studies High Efficiency Off The Grid Datacenter Beacon Falls, CT 160,000 SF (Raised Floor) Data Center Master Plan 28 MW of IT Load EYP MCF’s Master Plan for this Tier III data center developer is premised on the capture of CO2 from the fuel cells to use for beverage production. ​ The site will utilize a 32 MW fuel facility with gas-fired generators as the primary power source, using the utility as backup capacity. The facility will use a chilled water central plant with centrifugal chillers to provide an absorption mechanical system. 300 Acre Data Center Campus with a 500+MW Utility-Scale Solar Facility Laramie, WY 300-acre Data Center Campus Design 25-200 MW EYPMCF is developing the conceptual design, building budget, and cost of power analysis for a new data center expected to have 25MW capacity Day 1, with the ability to scale to 200MW over time. ​ Set in a data center business park, to be located on 300-acres of privately-owned land designated as a Federal Opportunity Zone, the project also calls for a 500+MW Utility-Scale Solar Facility on up to 12,000-acres of the client's Ranch located in southeast Wyoming. Gas Turbines Low Emission Data Center Martinsburg, WV Greenfield Data Center Design 2 x 350,000 SF (Raised Floor) EYP MCF provided master planning and detailed design for a site capable of housing two 350,000 SF, 78MW data centers with a critical design load for the site of 104MW. ​ The project intends to use GE gas turbines as the primary power source and will include a unique and proprietary Linde/BASF carbon capture technology to eliminate all emissions from turbines. The facility is planned to utilize totally modular IT space, with mechanical and electrical Infrastructure using PVD Modular solutions. Immersion Cooling for Bitcoin Mining Coshocton, Ohio Data Center Campus Feasibility Study, Master Planning, Design 34 Units 70+MW ​ EYP MCF is providing a data center feasibility study, master planning, and detailed design to convert an existing manufacturing site into a Bitcoin mining campus. ​ The project design specifications include 34 modular data center units and will utilize liquid immersion cooling to run the heat intensive data mining technologies. 38-acre Data Center Campus Ashburn, VA Tier III+ 5MW Commissioning, Level 2 to 5 EYP MCF was selected to provide commissioning service for this 38-acre Data Center campus residing in the heart of the nation’s densest connectivity corridor. EYP MCF will perform the commissioning of multiple quadrants with a total of 5MW of IT Load in 3 different phases. EYP MCF’s scope included the development and maintenance of issues log (Commissioning Deficiency list) tracking observations in the field related to construction. The goal of this log is to monitor and prioritize identified items. EYP provided Level 2 through Level 5 commissioning, the services offered included complying with the customer standards as well as reviewing of the MEP documents, Detailed review report of submittals, shop drawings, controls of sequence of operations and equipment monitoring and alarm, and the performance of infrared testing of electrical equipment per NETA-ATS requirements. Four Story Data Center Santa Clara, CA 160,450 SF 16MW Commissioning, Level 1 to 5 IST EYP MCF role was to act as commissioning authority (CxA) for the phased buildout for this Colocation provider. ​ The project was programmed to be designed as a four-story, 16-MW (IT load) facility of approximately 160,450 SF. EYP MCF provided data center commissioning services for the project throughout the design, construction, start-up, and the initial period of operation. ​ The primary role of the EYP MCF Commissioning Authority (CxA) was to act as the owner’s advocate to ensure that all parties adhere to the design intent and the contract documents. To achieve this objective, the CxA role was to assist with defining and documenting the Owner’s criteria for system function, performance, and maintainability in addition to developing and coordinating the execution of a testing plan and observing and documenting the performance of installed systems. Global Pharmaceutical Master Planning Multiple Locations Data Center Sourcing Options, TCO Analysis, Colocation RFI Development & Selection This Global Pharmaceutical company was looking for a company that can support with their facility assessments of their data centers and local server rooms associated with manufacturing and research sites. These assessments included: ​ Review of all major MEP systems, identification of single points of failure, and remediation recommendations. IT Deployment assessment: Development of IT inventory, layout, and rack elevations for existing inventory as well as planned deployments of new systems and layout, IT deployment and structured cabling. Develop a Data Center sourcing strategy to define In-house/Colo/Cloud environments. Support on identifying and selecting Colocation candidates in multiple countries around the globe. Hospital Group Hybrid IT & Data Center Strategy Boston, MA Multi-Cloud Strategy & Co-Location Selection One of the country’s largest healthcare consortiums was in the process of merging. This merge included multiple regional hospitals. The hospital IT and Real Estate organizations were seeking a strategy to combine and consolidate data centers between all hospitals. The goal was to modernize, increase resiliency, reduce cost, exploit new architectures, and reduce the reliance upon leased space. They needed someone to help these two large organizations come to develop options and costs for this complex planning effort. The options included a Data Center Sourcing Strategy to discuss the options to host their applications in different Multi-Cloud environments (In-house, Co-Location providers and Private Cloud Providers) Data Center Due Diligence Multiple Locations Across the United States 8 Data Centers EYP MCF was selected to provide due diligence site evaluation service of more than 8 data centers in the U.S. territory relative to their ongoing use and possible expansions. ​ The scope included on reviewing the existing building infrastructures as well as the data center operations including maintenance documentation (SOP, EOP, MOP’s), man-power of the facility, capital operating expenditures and budges for the last 5 years. ​ The study provided information on redundancy, drawbacks and limitations, SPOF, description on commissioning reports, geo studies, BMS Systems, Security, branch circuit monitoring, and software solutions. ​ EYP MCF also provided Analysis and commentary on refurbishment, maintenance and upgrade capital required, review expansion plans and budgets. Data Center Due Diligence North America and Europe 16 Data Centers EYP MCF was selected to provide Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing/Fire Protection (MEP/FP) services culminating in a due diligence review of each site. ​ The purpose of the review was to give a professional opinion on the condition of the existing facility infrastructure relative to its ongoing use and possible expansion as a data center facility. EYP MCF followed a plan that started with the review of all the available documentation of each site, conducted a site visit of 13 of the 16 Data Centers, and the remaining 3 developed a desktop review. ​ The evaluation included the review of the building infrastructure relative to the data center operations and maintenance documentation.

  • David Eisenband | Partner | EYP MCF USA

    Leadership David Eisenband Partner David is a proven leader in Business Development. David’s experience in the Critical Facilities environment began eleven years ago when he joined the EYP Mission Critical Facilities team. He worked with top tier financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, technology industries, and top colleges and research universities. He helped attract new business including the first Data Center Co-Location within a world renowned stock exchange. David also maintained relationships with the top real estate firms, architects, construction managers and OEM organizations. David built and led the Critical Facilities Service Line in Latin America for a Fortune 50 worldwide technology leader. He conducted business with “C” Level individuals and participated in steering committees related to large projects. David experience includes Data Center projects that received “Uptime” tiered 3 & 4 certification in the region. David joined the Worldwide Technology Services Consulting team for this f ortune 50 organization. He ultimately served as a Global Program Manager where he directed the Intellectual Property Program. This program included global strategies to bring emerging technologies to the market, resulting in business initiatives with multi-million dollar revenues. David experience includes managing an Energy Savings Performance and HVAC Contractor. He participated in negotiations with the Port of Miami, The Miami International Airport (MIA, and Florida’s Main Utility Company, The Florida Power & Light (FPL). David has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Florida International University, Chapman Graduate School of Business. ​

  • Diversity and Inclusion | EYP MCF

    Diversity and Inclusion EYP Mission Critical Facilities is committed to providing equal access and meaningful opportunities to all employees. Our diversity efforts are designed to maximize inclusion in both our employee and subcontracting communities. We strive to be hire, matriculate, and mentor women, minorities, veterans, disabled, LGBTQIA+, and other diversely designated people into our workforce. Additionally, we support, subcontract, and likewise mentor businesses that are majority owned by these same designated constituencies. A diverse and inclusive workplace is a strong workplace. Our unique experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives inspire a culture of innovation and empower our ability to achieve success. As companies seek to reflect their employees, their communities, and their customers, they must create a working environment that not only accommodates but celebrates the rich diversity of all constituents. At EYPMCF, we consistently seek to build out our own workforce to represent that constituency and are incorporating initiatives to support diversity across all our services lines. In addition, we encourage our clients and select suppliers and partners that reflect this commitment to diversity and inclusion in the way they develop, manage, and use the facilities that we plan, design, and assure for them. Diversity brings many beneficial attributes to our firm by building vital partnerships, growing our vendor and sub-consultant talent, and providing a competitive advantage in securing and retaining new business.

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