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EYP Mission Critical Facilities Webinar Series

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

We are happy to announce a series of 3 webinars coming up this November

November 9th, 2018

Webinar 1 - Data center sourcing for enterprise organizations and institutions

Many factors are changing IT loads that organizations are choosing to run in their data centers. Similarly, many new choices are available to house those IT loads. In this Webinar we will consider both of those variables and explore what elements need to be projected, defined and evaluated to align your Data Center Sourcing strategy with the current and future business and IT requirements.


Kevin Sanders - Managing Principal Data Center Strategy and Consulting

Rob Myers - Senior Associate Data Center Strategy and Consulting

To register please click here


November 16th, 2018

Webinar 2 - Understanding the economic advantages of a hybrid cloud environment

Why is a hybrid cloud necessarily less expensive than on-premise IT? Answer: It may not be but there are fundamental elements that permit more efficient use of hardware both internally and in the cloud that can drive costs lower. In this webinar, we’ll explore those elements and demonstrate how a Hybrid Cloud can improve allocation of IT resources and lead to fewer IT resources processing the same workloads.

Speakers: Derek Niece - Senior Associate Data Center Strategy and Consulting

To register please click here


November 30th, 2018

Webinar 3 - Operate your data center effectively

The two primary goals of running a data center are minimizing expense and ensuring availability. These two goals are often perceived to be in constant opposition, however there are many approaches that may be employed to improve both. In this webinar we’ll explore the cost and reliability impacts of improving facility documentation, enhancing airflow management, installing energy and performance monitoring, and using predictive maintenance tools.


Trish Ray - Partner, EYP Mission Critical Facilities

Ian Levine - Principal, EYP Mission Critical Facilities

To register please click here

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