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EYP MCF Announces Launch of Cloud Adoption Analysis Service

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Valhalla, NY— October 29

EYP MCF is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our Cloud Adoption Analysis Service designed to help clients identify which workloads can move to the cloud, understand how it will impact their existing data centers and estimate the true total costs.

Total costs include both the expected costs from the cloud provider as well as cost changes in a client’s owned and rented facilities, IT, and operations costs.

Many EYP MCF customers are already familiar with our Data Center Strategy Service and we view Cloud Adoption Analysis as an extension of our long-standing objective of assisting clients align their IT and Facilities planning. Our new Cloud Adoption Analysis Service is designed to generate strategy-level decision outputs that will help executives make informed decisions regarding their interdependent data center and cloud strategy options.

As part of the Cloud Adoption Analysis Service, EYP MCF consultants will help categorize workload groups that are likely candidates for cloud migration. Correspondingly, we will identify the underlying IT and facility infrastructure and assets that will be affected by such a move. The list of client-side infrastructure and assets includes but is not limited to IT equipment, licensing, rent, power, and staffing.

This service seeks to answer the following questions:

1. The projected costs of public cloud infrastructure to support identified workloads and

2. The cost deltas based on savings or cost increases related to customer side costs that will change due to movement of identified workloads to the cloud.

3. How cloud adoption will impact data center planning in the future, particularly when combined with our Data Center Strategy Service.

Before spending months or years on an application dependency mapping program, this service as a first step will help our client executives assess and incorporate the impact of the cloud on long-term strategic-level decisions.

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