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EYP MCF and Tidal Migrations Launch Integrated Data Center and Cloud Strategy Service

Valhalla, NY, November 18th, 2019

EYP Mission Critical Facilities (EYP MCF) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Tidal Migrations which augments our industry-leading data center strategy service with a detailed application cloud readiness assessment.

This new service positions EYP MCF as a thought leading firm that can offer a comprehensive Data Center Strategy that includes both planning and quantifying the impact of cloud migration on data center and IT requirements and costs.

We take an application-centric approach to evaluate customer applications to understand their cloud readiness factors, application dependencies, and underlying infrastructure. These are crucial elements for planning and implementing a cloud migration and understanding its costs and impact on our clients’ data center strategy.

“EYP MCF have demonstrated the strongest capability in detailed facilities and application transformation planning. The new service offering announced today streamlines an approach for more customers to rapidly integrate facilities, IT, and cloud strategy into one powerful engagement.”, said David Colebatch, founder and CEO of Tidal Migrations.

EYP MCF has always captured and quantified IT growth, refresh, and replatforming into our overall strategy development. Cloud adoption, however, has become one of the largest factors driving data center strategy, which now focuses as much on downsizing and consolidating as it does on increasing capacity.

The challenge facing our customers is to identify and quantify which applications will move to the cloud and to incorporate this impact into the overall data center strategy. Technology changes and expansion of cloud options imply that any data center strategy is inseparable from your cloud journey. EYP MCF, together with the Tidal Migrations platform and methodology, can help our clients develop plans for both.


EYP MCF is a pioneering consultancy in the data center and critical facilities industry with over two decades of experience assisting its clients plan, design, test and efficiently operate their critical facilities. With clients across many verticals, from enterprise to institutional, colocation and hyperscale, EYP MCF has unmatched experience and capability to deliver projects of any size. With a global presence and projects in over 40 countries, EYP MCF continues to drive new solutions and thought leading concepts to market that benefit its customer base.

About Tidal Migrations

Tidal Migrations empowers enterprises around the world to transition to modern application development environments and embrace the cloud as part of their digital transformation strategy. Our team delivers a scalable, multi-tenant web application to support cloud transformation initiatives augmented by our best practices and our partners’ professional services. Our mission is to support migration initiatives by making the complex straightforward.

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