Trish Ray


Trish has over 30 years of experience and has held numerous leadership positions; specifically in the engineering design/consulting arena. Throughout her career she has worked with diverse organizations such as education, applied sciences, hospitals/ healthcare institutions, and both governmental/non-governmental agencies. She has held executive positions in global organizations including Managing Director of Data Center Services, WW General Manager for Services, and Vice President of Operations. This diverse background has provided Trish with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead organizations across the spectrum of research and design, manufacturing, engineering, consolidating organizations and consulting.

Trish is a graduate of North Carolina State University, Raleigh North Carolina with a BS in MAT Engineering (specializing in Metallurgy); along with completing multiple business programs from Northwestern University as well as other higher educational facilities. By applying her strong business acumen, consulting skills, management of business systems and processes; she focuses on the essential interpersonal aspect of consulting. Making sure that she provides more than just business solutions; she also creates long term and ongoing partnerships. Delivering Mission Critical Data Center Facilities, ranging from strategic planning through designing, integration and commissioning of mission critical solutions.


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