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  • Do you have a Data Center(s) that is aging and will require to revamp?

  • Do you have a Data Center(s) that was overbuilt?

  • Are your data centers able to keep up with the demands of your business?

  • Are you planning to make an evaluation of your Data Center/Colocation/Public Cloud Strategy? 



The EYP MCF’s Data Center Site Evaluation can address the impact on your existing Data Center Facilities and IT Hardware Distribution.


EYP MCF will assess existing asset conditions, MEP equipment age, building management systems, Capex/Opex, Tier levels/equivalents, energy efficiency, and potential points of failure through a risk evaluation.


EYP MCF will evaluate the Space, Power, and Cooling capacity of the existing facilities comparing current electrical and cooling loads with your facilities' total capacity.


EYP MCF can identify options to reduce/increase the raise floor footprint and re-distribute the hardware/rack, re-evaluate the global data center footprint (In-house & Co-Lo),  and help you compare your existing/future data center strategy with a cloud adoption strategy. 



The EYP MCF’s Site Evaluation Service can address these issues and help you understand existing Data Center Facilities immediate needs, and provide you with a mid-term and long-term plan for your existing Data Centers and Colocation providers


You, in turn, benefit from our years of practical expertise with physical data centers and our industry-unique ability to plan and implement a strategy according to your specific needs


EYP MCF will help you identify requirements and plan your long-term data center strategy which integrates owned and colocation data centers together with cloud-based options.




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