The EYP MCF Energy Services portfolio includes a comprehensive list of services to reduce power consumption and curb costs in the data center.


Facility and technology assessment services provide a holistic assessment of your building and technology, and the effectiveness and capacity of your technology to meet your current and future needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your data center or build a new facility, after you’ve evaluated the current status and formulated a plan, you can execute the strategy through our energy efficiency design service.


This service helps you effectively capitalize on your data center space, performance, and efficiency goals. With our extensive worldwide data center project experience, we leverage our proven high-density cooling, critical power, and energy-reduction design strategies for each new business case.

EYP MCF is a leader in the development of LEED certified data centers, and that skill can be applied to optimize any data center. You will work with consultants who advise governments on data center energy policy to reduce costs and energy consumption, water usage, and greenhouse gas emissions.


Our team will work with you to create strategy, roadmap, and implementation plans to transform the way energy and natural resources are used across an organization’s IT, transform the processes by which they’re managed, and transform how resources are used to run day-to-day business. We follow commonly accepted accounting and reporting principles to verify that organizations present an accurate account of energy use and emissions.

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